Northern Europe’s largest talent factory

At the University of Skövde there are over 500 game developers ready for recruitment or new start-ups. All the skills you need: programmers, designers, 2D and 3D artists, animators, game writers, musicians and audio engineers.

Sweden is one of the world’s top 10 producers of digital games and the University of Skövde has played a crucial role behind these successes.  Graduates hold positions in companies such as EA Dice, Ubisoft Massive, Paradox Interactive, Starbreeze, Crytek and many others.

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Computer Game Development

From quite a modest start with about 40 students admitted in 2002, the programs have grown to admit over 200 students in autumn 2014. Currently over 500 students study computer game development at the University of Skövde, and statistics show that it is the largest and most popular academic education concerned with computer games in Sweden. It is also the broadest in terms of the areas covered within special profiles.

The University of Skövde offers five bachelor and two master programs in computer game development. All the bachelor programs are academic courses at bachelor level that mix theory with practically oriented elements. Managing software and methods for computer game development are therefore combined with the study of computer games and their forms of expression within each specific area. There are also two master programs.

Students from Skövde have achieved tremendous success in multiple game development contests. Talents from Skövde have taken a number of titles at the Swedish Game Awards since 2004, including Game of the Year, Best Innovation, Best Scenario, Best Execution in Art, Best Technical Execution, Gamers Choice and Serious Game.

Other awards and acknowledgements

  • BAFTA winner 2011:
    That Game Studio – Twang
  • Dare to be Digital winner 2010:
    That Game Studio – Twang
  • Independent Games Festival, Seumas McNally Grand Prize 2009:
    Erik Svedäng – Blueberry Garden
  • Independent Games Festival, Design Innovation Award 2008:
    Pieces Interactive – Fret Nice

More information and opportunities for collaboration

Contact person: Ulf Wilhelmsson