DONNA – Towards Inclusive Game Development

Donna was founded by in 2011 in an attempt to break the gender maldistribution within the Game Development Programmes at University of Skövde. Our main goals are to increase the number of female students at our programmes and promote inclusive game development within the programmes as well as towards the games industry. Donna consists of a group of engaged teachers and students that work actively towards these goals.

Donna engages in various activities, for example; game design workshops and lectures for high-school students, and game expos, conventions, and conferences in order to recruit students and spread Donna’s vision. To further reach out, we collaborate with other actors associated with the games industry through Diversi ( Donna has also invited guest lectures and arranged workshops for the teaching staff at the Game Development Programmes in Skövde in order to increase their competence in norm criticism and gender equality.

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Contact person: Jenny Brusk