The Game Incubator is a government funded, non-profit organisation, with a mission to support gamedev startups in the western part of Sweden. For ten years, The Game Incubator consolidated its position as a national node and a successful international environment with methods and procedures for starting and developing viable computer game companies. The Game Incubator is located in Science Park Skövde in Skövde (since 2004) and Gothenburg (since 2014).  

This is how we incubate

  • Studios equipped with hardware and software
  • Office space and infrastructure
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Professional business developers and producers
  • Access to seed capital and financing
  • International sales and marketing
  • Internationally experienced legal counsel
  • Networking, training, and business support

The Game Incubator is operated by Science Park Skövde AB, the company that develops Science Park Skövde with the purpose to increase growth and renewal in Skövde and the western part of Sweden. The Game Incubator is also part of Sweden Game Arena, a platform and ecosystem for the acceleration of the game industry in Skövde, Gothenburg and the western part of Sweden. The Game Incubator is funded by Västra Götalandsregionen, the Municipality of Skövde and Vinnova.  

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