SGC is an excellent venue for developer and student alike.

- Chris Avellone

Every developer should be striving to improve their skills and attending the Sweden Game Conference is an ideal way to do it.

- Kate Edwards

When I gave the keynote at the 2016 Sweden Game Conference, I joined a roster of first-rate speakers. I was welcomed by a vibrant, welcoming development community.
Best of all, I learned as much as I taught (maybe more!).

- Warren Spector
Experience the Future: Reimagining Games
Sweden Game Conference 2017 will explore how technology and creativity come together to produce original and distinctive experiences. With focus on evolution and forward-change, we will explore how games are advancing technically and aesthetically together.

What fresh experiences in game play and narrative can we create through technical innovation and artistic experimentation?

How will innovation affect and disrupt future generations of players and developers?

What kinds of research and education will we need to support the industry of tomorrow?

SGC Vault
Did you miss a talk you really wanted to see? Would you want to see one you enjoyed again? Or did you miss the conference completely? Don’t worry!

Sweden Game Conference 2016 offered a schedule with a wide variety of interesting talks from international speakers from all over the games industry.

Visit the Vault and watch
Fredrik Wester
(Paradox Interactive),
Ellen Guon Beeman
(Gizmocracy & DigiPen Institute of Technology),
Daniela Harmsen
(Ubisoft Barcelona)
and many more!


Jason Hayes                                           

Riot Games


Åsa Roos                                    

BioWare & University of Skövde


Ste Curran                                    

London South Bank University & Freelance


Brie Code                                    

Tru Luv Media


Trevor Snowden

DoubleMoose Games, Snowden Studios & Fog Studios


Constance Steinkuehler

University of California-Irvine & Higher Education Video Game Alliance