10 speakers revealed and Super Early Bird still open

Sweden Game Conference 2016 will focus on inclusive development. By broadening the view of the game developer, of the game and of the player, we can break norms and provide innovative experiences. With inclusiveness as a theme, Sweden Game Conference ’16 also highlights four focus areas:

  • New Technologies & Research: VR, AR and more
  • Emerging Markets: Localization, development & consumers in Asia and other areas
  • Narrative Design: Trends & research in storytelling, game writing and design
  • Visual Arts: New opportunities & challenges in art and animation

We have already revealed 10 speakers and they represent four continents, North and South America, Asia and Europe. There are more to come so keep yourself updated by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Short bios of 10 speakers

In addition to this, Sweden Game Conference 2016 also offers Workshops, Pitch  and Match, Expo and and lots of networking opportunities. Make sure to attend this years conference, right now we have Super Early Bird open, 50% off.

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