17 Image&Form-ers coming to the conference

Image&Form Games have taken a strategic decision to go to Sweden Game Conference this year. No less then 17 developers will come to take part of talks, panels and workshops.

– We want to get better at what we do and it is definitely worth testing Sweden Game Conference for everyone at the office. It is really easy for us to go to Skövde from Gothenburg. And even though  many of us will stay over night, it is still very cheap compared giong to for instance Gamescom, says Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, Gloriuos Leader og I&F, who underlines the importance of the conference.

– If someone makes the effort of arranging this kind of event for us to meet our fellow developers and learn more from our industry, of course we need to give it a chance.

Register today – sales end October 16