9 studios pitched for The Game Incubator

Three months ago nine game companies were accepted to the new program at the The Game Incubator in Skövde and Gothenburg. As their first examination they got to pitch their game ideas.

Nine companies have gotten through the Startup phase of The Game Incubator’s new incubation process during these past three months.
During this time, the teams have worked on validating their game ideas and testing them against the market, and as their first examination they got to pitch their projects for a panel consisting of game industry professionals, and potential future investors, from Goodbye Kansas Game Invest, THQ Nordic and Piktiv.

Every team had five minutes to pitch their game to the jury, who then gave came back with questions and feedback.

“We who work in the games industry were given an amazing opportunity to meet the next generation Skövde incubator teams. Such a close contact between the incubator and the industry can really make a difference for the future. It will be exciting to follow these teams going forward.” said Henrik Jonsson, Executive Producer at Goodbye Kansas Game Invest after the presentations.

The teams that get accepted into the second phase of the program, Business phase, will learn more about the critical parts of running a successful business, such as sales, marketing and economy.

Pitching Companies


Tricky Games – Valheim
Hermes – Beautiful Lies
Question Shark – A Good Day to Die
Arcscape Studios – Whimsical Witchery
Sunscale Studios – Hyss


Winteractive – How do you know Mr. Blue?
Hiber – Hiber
Itatake – Word Clue
Carry Castle – Source of Madness