Advise surprise when #SGC15 started

One nice big surprise and bonus started up Sweden Game Conference. The audience got some really good advise from the board of Swedish Games Industry with representation from King, Rovio, Paradox, Stunlock, The Game Assembly, Planeto and Dice. 

Sweden Game Conference 2015 is on the go. If you´re not one of the lucky 330 persons who got tickets to the sold out event you can follow the event at

This years #sgc15 was opened by Per Strömbäck, spokesperson at Swedish Games Industry:
–  Skövde is the livening proof of what willpower can do. Some ten years ago there was nothing in games in this town. Now Skövde is a global hot spot with partnerships with some of the world’s greatest players in games industry. This development is not only unique in games industry but also from a local and regional politic perspective, said Strömbäck.

After presenting some great big achievements for Swedish Game Industry in 2014, to be found in Spelutvecklarindex, he introduced the board of Swedish Games Industry: Martin Walfisz, Planeot, Ann-Sofie von Sydow, The Game Assembly, Karl Troedsson, Dice, Oskar Burman Rovio Entertainment, Susana Meza, Paradox Interactive, Martin Bunge-Meyer, King och Tau Petersson, Stunlock Studios.

Those representatives gave exclusive mini-talks under guidance of Strömbäck, and gave quite a lot of nice advise to the audience. Some examples:
– It should be mandatory to start a business, said Martin Walfisz.
– Build a game that you love and make sure it comes from passion. Then it´s more likely the audience will love it as well, said Oskar Burman.
– You need to know what you´re aiming for and stay focused. Start small and build on that, Susana Meza stressed.

Full program to choose what to look at via Twitch

Watch all the talks held in Insikten