Announcing the IndieCator at Sweden Game Conference 2017

Are you an independent developer who would like to showcase your game for free at Sweden Game Conference and Festival, which takes place in Skövde, Sweden, on October 18-21?

We are happy to announce that we are preparing a new edition of the IndieCator, an area at our adjacent expo specially dedicated to indie games. Last year, we proudly hosted 12 indie titles, most of them developed by teams all over Sweden, but a few of them from international teams. In 2016, Sweden Game Conference gathered over 800 industry professionals, including Warren Spector, Kate Edwards, Chris Avellone, David Gaider, Fredrik Wester and many more. The Games Festival gathered over 2000 local visitors. You can find media coverage here and here.

An IndieCator submission can bring you one free to charge exhibitor spot at the Sweden Game Conference Expo where you get a 90 x 60 cm table, chairs and possibility to loan hardware, as well as two full conference passes that include access to our Gala dinner. The teams who get accepted may brand their spot in reasonable limits as no not disturb any other teams. We are also preparing a few surprises for this year.

We are working diligently to refine a submission process at the IndieCator so keep an eye on our website, Facebook page and Twitter account for more news!