Back from Paris! A Sweden Game Arena Game Connection report

Last week, Sweden Game Arena attended Game Connection Europe that took place, as always, in Paris. We were joined by three of our studios: Palindrome, Coilworks and Beardy Bird, who, despite their difficult goals at this event, have acted as amazing ambassadors and awesome examples for Sweden’s most vibrant gamedev hub.

Our purpose at Game Connection was to generate awareness about Sweden Game Arena, to make new connections especially in the publishing and game development field and, perhaps most importantly, to invite as many people as possible to Sweden Game Conference 2016, which will take place next year on October 20-23, in a venue three times larger than this year.

This week we are back home and ready to continue the conversations we have had in Paris. Many have asked to publish the presentation we used during all the meetings, and here it is on SlideShare! It is a quite concise presentation to accommodate the fast paced style of Game Connection meetings, and it’s full of numbers we are very proud of!

We will be back with an extensive report on Game Connection so stay tuned! Meanwhile, are you ready for a fresh new batch of videos for the SGC Vault?