Exhibiting at Creative Coast Festival 2017

Creative Coast welcomes game studios and game developers from the Sweden Game Arena network to exhibit their games for free and share their knowledge. The festival takes place every year in Karlshamn, right before Nordic Game Conference, and this year the dates are May 15-16.

Creative Coast is an annual gathering for games, interactive media, film, visuals, music, sounds and digital and post-digital art. It is a space where ideas, companies, schools, scenes and the industry can interact and exchange experiences.

“We want a participatory mishmash where you drift and float through different modes and ideas as you walk around. Engage in physical game jams, where build and play, listen in on an art history lesson of the digital era, 2500 B.C to 2100 A.D, go for a quick sauna, take a bath, hear music you’ve never experienced before, have some wine and meet the humans behind the titles. Seminars, workshops, exhibitions, food trucks. Sit down in the business areas, talk about your new projects or discuss your old ones. Whatever you like.” said Johan Toresson, founder of Creative Coast Festival.

Interested in exhibiting?

To exhibit you will need to fill in this form by mid April, 2017.