Extra special final day of #sgc15

The third day of Sweden Game Conference was something extra special.

– We started up with the most influential indie developer in the world, Rami Ismail, and closed the conference talks with a keynote from one of the world’s most influential game designers, Raph Koster, says Per-Arne Lundberg, manager of The Game Incubator.

As a whole the conference has been a tremendous success over three days. It kicked off with the elite of Swedish game developers and representation from for instance Dice, King, Planeto, Rovio and Paradox Interactive. And after that talks, seminars and activities of great interest has been ongoing.

Besides Rami Ismail and Raph Koster, the audience could also listen to Quinn Wageman talking Video Game PR, Shams Jorjani giving his point of view on releasing a game – how hard can It be and also the local hero Armin Ibrisagic reveling his strategies on social media an PR behind the Goat Simulator success.

For those into research Björn Berg Marklund spoke on Educational games and the mismatch between theory and practice and Anna-Sofia Alklind Taylor talked about her findings about success factors for game-based learning.

As a bonus on Wednesday there was also three parallel workshops giving in depth, hands on tips on Unity, Twine and FMOD and of course lots of fruitful meetings.

– The studios in Gothia Science Park has had several meetings which will lead to new and exciting business and co-op. I´m sure of that. It has been a really, really good conference in so many ways, says Per-Arne Lundberg.

Welcome back next year. Sweden Game Conference 2016 will be both bigger and better. And that’s a promise.

Photo credits: Sebastian Bularca