GamesCom 2016 – indie dev attending guide and retrospective

GamesCom urrently the largest event for computer and video games in the world. This years edition had 345000 visitors, 30500 trade visitors, 97 countries and 877 companies represented. These are impressive numbers and arguments for game developers to attend of course. But there are things to consider before going to GamesCom. In Laura Bularcas post mortem for GamesCom 2016, at Gamasutra website, you get a lot of tips why and how you should attend:

“If you want to attend GamesCom as a game developer, the first thing you need to do is to understand your goals. Understand what you need the most: is it business partners, is it showing your game to people, is it press or something else?”

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Photo credit: Sebastian Bularca (Full photo coverage as for Sweden Game Arena of GamesCom 2016)