Guru release game on new game engine by King

Skövde, Sweden – Now you can head on to the App Store or Play Store and cure your sugar rush with dozens of sorting puzzles involving cookies, pies, biscuits and other crazy and deadly sugar bearers.

Crazy Sorting Factory is a high paced one button game where your reflexes and multitasking abilities will be put to the test as you try to send every cookie that comes your way into the correct container.

It might sound simple at first, but soon you will be up to your ears in unsorted pastries of all kinds!

The current version is available for iOS and Android and it contains dozens of puzzles of all sizes and shapes. Solving all of them will totally earn you a… cake.  Or maybe make that a million because you can!

Crazy Sorting Factory is one of the first games ever created using the new game engine from King called Defold ( ). Defold is a versatile and light-weight game engine.

It’s designed for fast, efficient and collaborative game creation for independent developers and teams.

Find out more about Guru Games at  and about the Defold project at

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Presskit here.

Trailer here.

About Guru Games

Guru Games is an independent game developer working out of Skövde, Sweden. There are currently eleven members on the team, and their goal is to create exceptional experiences and memorable games.

So far the team has Launched Magnetic: Cage Closed on Steam and Xbox One and a mobile game called Crazy Sorting Factory on iOS and Android.

Their goal is to continue making games that leave players with something more than a short action extravaganza, by making players think about their actions within the virtual worlds that they create.