Help us choose Sweden Game Arena’s Glue of the Year!

Sweden Game Arena is proud to announce that the nominations for the Glue Of The Year award are now open!

Sweden Game Arena aims to unite the Swedish games industry and to welcome every single gamedev in Sweden. As such, we embrace everyone with initiatives to bring people together and to make Sweden the best place in the world to make games. Every year, we like to say Thank You to that member who made the biggest efforts to bring this dream closer to reality. Last year, the Glue Of The Year award went to Tau Petersson, PR & Event Manager and one of the founders of Stunlock Studios, for her continuous efforts to bring the Sweden Game Arena community together.

All members of Sweden Game Arena are now invited to nominate one person that will receive the Glue Of The Year award. A nomination form will be distributed within our network and the selection will be made based on the Motivation provided.  A Sweden Game Arena member is any employee within a Sweden Game Arena member company, student at the University of Skövde, team member of any game studio in our Incubator in Skövde or Gothenburg,

Are you a Member and did not receive the invitation to nominate the Glue Of The Year? Contact Amanda Merlenius, Communications & Event Coordinator, Sweden Game Arena, at

Are you a company who wants to become a Sweden Game Arena member? Contact Laura Bularca, PR & Communications Manager, Sweden Game Arena, at