Impressions from the Sweden Game Conference

Last weeks Sweden Game Conference was a tremendous success. Partcipants, spekaers and organiziers are all fully satisfied. Some of them has even done there own conference post-mortem. Daniel Ström, CEO, at Guru Games has written a blogpost. Her are some short extracts “Sweden Game Conference might not have been around as long as events like E3, but for six years in a row people have met here to learn more about the industry that we are all a part of. This year’s lineup of speakers was incredible, with people like Tommy Palm, former frontman at King, Rami Ismail (in the picture), half of Vlambeer and Chris Avellone, the creative director that brough us Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale and Fallout: New Vegas.” …”Well first of I would say that there is something that is often touched upon but rarely talked about that became evident to me during this event: Game development is tough, and everyone wants to help each other succeed. Both at the parties and through the days of meetings and networking everyone did the same thing: gave advice to those who asked or who would listen and tried to find ways and share experiences that the industry here locally and out there globally can become a better place.”

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