The IndieCator™ submissions for Sweden Game Conference are now open!

Come showcase your game and team at Sweden Game Conference 2016, in front of key video games industry persons like Warren Spector, Chris Avellone, Kate Edwards, Richard Bartle, David Gaider and many more, an international community of over 1000 game developers, as well as many thousands of locals from the Swedish region of Skaraborg!

You can submit your game here:

IndieCator Submission Form for Sweden Game Conference 2016

If successful, you get a free place to showcase at Sweden Game Conference (October 20-21) and Games Festival (October 22-23), plus two full Conference passes granting you access to all our keynotes, lectures, panels and workshops, as well as access to our Pitch & Match function. Of course, you also get a chance to win the Public’s Choice prize!

The deadline for your submission is October 1st, but if your game and team fits our event’s theme of Inclusive Game Development, we will let you know immediately, so you can handle your travel and lodging.

We are looking forward for your submissions!