IndieCouch now available for Sweden Game Conference

The Sweden Game Conference & Festival event is now listed on Indiecouch, the platform for developers to offer their couches to each other during events for free. Indiecouch will allow local developers to offer their couches to guests, while visitors will have a chance for free accommodation.

Are you a local developer, student or simply a games enthusiast willing to offer your couch to one or few Sweden Game Conference visitors? Create an account on and showcase your availability.

Are you a Sweden Game Conference visitor? Create an account on and search for Sweden Game Conference in Events!

About Indiecouch

We all love going to game conferences & festivals to show our games, find new friends and to chase chances. But spending money on expensive accommodation hurts, especially since the struggle to survive is already tough enough.

Time for a solution! Indiecouch is a platform specifically designed for indie devs to offer their couches to one another during events for free. A platform that lets you meet fellow people from the games industry and makes it even easier to connect with each other.

The use of the website is not limited to events, whether you want to meetup to exchange ideas or you’re looking for someone to help you with your project, indiecouch will make it easier to find the right people.

To help identify the special field the users are working in, each profile is colored accordingly. Instantly you will see if someone is working in for example marketing, sound design or just simply an enthusiast who supports the cause

Best thing is, there is no fee! Sign up now and and join hundreds of others within this striving community.