Medusa’s Labyrinth unveils the horrors of ancient Greece

As of February 15 there is a new horror lurking on Steam.

“Medusa’s Labyrinth is a short first person horror experience that will make you jump in your seat. Created as a brief glimpse of a much larger game, Medusa will be free for anyone with a Steam account, with the option of donating a small sum of money in exchange of the artbook DLC”, says Louise Meijer at Guru Games in Gothia Science Park.

Medusa’s Labyrinth is set in ancient Greece, bringing horror to one of the most recognizable and epic parts of history, with stories that were written more than two thousand years ago that are still with us today.

“As a player you will have to move through a beautiful yet terrifying environment and use your precious few resources to survive in a place even the gods have forsaken. Can you uncover the secrets of the catacombs?”

Download Medusas Laybyrinth

About Guru Games
Guru Games is the award winning indie developer behind the 2015 first person puzzler Magnetic: Cage Closed. The studio has been around since 2013 and Medusa’s Labyrinth was the project that brought them together in the first place. More info on Guru Games

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