The Miljonlotteriet Game Jam Report

Over the weekend of May 27-29, at Gothia Science Park in the Maker Space, 7 teams of game developers competed for a Game Jam organized and sponsored by Miljon Lotteriet. The 7 teams, composed of members of Sweden Game Arena game studios, had to develop game concepts for touch devices who focus on reveal mechanics and real cash prizes. All participant teams were awarded 5000 SEK, but there were also 3 prizes of 10000 Sek, 20000 Sek and finally 50000 Sek for the grand winner. The winner also has the opportunity to finish the game concept in collaboration with Miljon Lotteriet.

The game concepts developed over the weekend were the following:

  • Mole Digger by Lone Hero Studios & Deedly Games, a game where you are a mole who has limited moves to dig for diamonds and keys to open up a treasure chest
  • Safe & Sound by Tarhead Studio, where you crack solid safes by carefully listening as you slowly rotate the dial.
  • BetJets by Cavelight where you watch Jet races and bet in the best one
  • Fortune Hammer by PocApp Studios‘ first team, called Team Dila, where you smash your way to the top using a big hammer
  • Cash Titans by Palindrome Interactive, a game where you shoot away armour from a robot and reveal the treasures hidden behind. Get three of a kind to win a prize.
  • Pastry Paradise by PocApp Studios‘ second team, called Team Sean, where you must match delicious pastries to win cash
  • Caballus by Guru Games, an endless runner where you control a horse that runs through a mythical and mystical landscape, collecting coins and urns

The Miljon Lotteriet Game Jam big prize of 50000 Sek went to Mole Digger! The second and third prize, of 20000 Sek, and 10000 Sek, went to Fortune Hammer and Safe & Sound!

All photos courtesy of Sebastian Bularca