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Three more Sweden Game Conference talks are available now on the Sweden Game Arena YouTube channel, here!

This week’s published sessions are:


The Multiplayer Classroom, Collateral Learning and You – Lee Sheldon

Instructors today, whether academic, government or corporate, are leaping on to the bandwagon of gamification with hopes high and eyes closed. Joining them onboard are those who use the techniques of last century’s corporate videos with branching choices and overt exams instead of the organic, embedded assessments of games, then rename their simulations as games.
Badges and other extrinsic rewards, simply the gold stars of the digital era, are added indiscriminately to learning experiences, but do not magically transform them into good games. Game-based learning also does not mean blind faith in technology such as video games or social media clumsily shoehorned into a curriculum like a stepsister’s foot vainly squeezed into Cinderella’s slipper.
Starting with a brief history of games that purport to teach, Lee Sheldon then moves to the Multiplayer Classroom, an entire class designed as a real-time game played in the real world. Initial anecdotal evidence of success is now supported by recent studies involving hundreds of teachers and thousands of students: good game design is a powerful tool for learning.


Teaching to Fish – Raph Koster

“I ended up doing a bit on game grammar, but focusing more on the fact that given the breadth of the field, it is important that practitioners know what sort of thing they are making, and use the right tools for the job. And that they take their field seriously, study the relevant literature from both games and the countless other disciplines that interact with and impinge upon games.”


An Introduction to Video Game PR – Quinn Wageman (TriplePoint)

Whether you’re working on a free-to-play mobile game or a full-fledged console experience for $60, your communications strategy is an integral component of the go-to-market plan – this is where PR comes in. From understanding the role of PR in the larger marketing plan to the challenges facing the games editorial business, this presentation will get you thinking ahead about what PR is and how it works to help you prepare for the big launch.


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