New SGC Vault content

Tuesday is Vault day at Sweden Game Arena! Every Tuesday, we are uploading fresh new content, filmed at the Sweden Game Conference this September. Lots of #gamedev talks, as well as exclusive content is being prepared for you, right now!

This week, we release three new talks, on the rapidly emerging video game market in India, on how to market your game, as well as insights into what one CEO thinks is the world’s most attractive workplace!

Feel free to comment – we are looking forward to hear your say about the SGC Vault and the content we publish! And stay tuned for more – new videos every week!


The Indian Games Market: The Last Bastion for the Games Industry – Rajesh Rao

India, with 1.25 billion people, with 300 million middle class, the world’s youngest population with 356 million 10-24 yrs olds – is not yet a major market for interactive entertainment. It’s a paradox that needs to be unravelled and explained. In his talk, Rajesh, Founder/CEO of Dhruva Interactive, India’s oldest games company and chairperson of the Nasscom Gaming Forum which is the de-facto industry body for gaming in India, gives a comprehensive overview of the factors at play in India, and offers insights to what’s shaping the industry.

A PR and marketing primer for start-ups and indies – Sara Casen

What can you do to help your game get the attention it needs? As marketplaces like Steam and the App Store are becoming more and more crowded you need to make sure you are doing what you can to reach your audience. Sara shares some quick tips and basic checklists to get you on the right track with your PR and marketing. This lecture is aimed towards new studios and indies.

The World’s Most Attractive Workplace – Joel Nyström

How do you keep your game studio healthy and productive year after year? Ludosity was founded in 2008 and has to date released 15 commercial titles across as many different platforms, totalling well over 50 SKU’s. CEO Joel Nyström goes through their internal processes – prototyping, decision making/owning, personal growth and encouragement – and how they strive towards their goal of having the most attractive workplace for game developers in the world.