Nordic GameBits follow up on SGC Vault

Nordic GameBits has made a follow up on Sweden Game Arenas SGC Vault with exclusive material from this years Sweden Game Conference.

“The SGC Vault opened October 27, with three talks from the 2015 conference, and will be updated regularly. All talks and exclusive content can be viewed on Sweden Game Arena’s YouTube channel and is announced to be available free of charge.” …”The topics include everything from game design, production, sound design, as well as game marketing and publishing. These are valuable insights for anyone remotely interested in the inner workings of game development, but the SGC Vault promises more and announces a three times larger venue at Sweden Game Conference 2016, from October 20th to October 23th 2016.”

“Our planning actually started before SGC 2015 had ended! … As a result of an increasing interest, both local and international we are moving SGC 2016 to Arena Skövde”, Magnus Ling spokesperson at Sweden Game Arena.

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