Play the Sweden Game Arena Ludum Dare submissions!

This weekend, several gamedev teams gathered around to participate in Ludum Dare 34. Here are our submissions:

3:LLIS – PROTOCOL : PROTECT PLANTLIFE by Team LeClaw where you play as an obsolete gardening robot

Sprouting Magic by Dakutau where you play as a small and simple sprout that tries to grow out of the dense and cramp earth and view the wonders of the surface in an endless runner game.

Meatlings by Zetym, a game aimed for the mobile platforms that satirizes the modern meat industry and indifference towards the origins of our consumption.

Staten & Kapitalet by Lamebait where you play as the mayor as you influence the political stance of your city, with only two options: Capitalism or Communism.

St. Orchint’s Orphanage by DoubleZeroOneZero, a game about running an orphanage during war time.

Kaktus & Friend by Nomina, the story of two unlikely friends traversing the desert, expressed in a mix of platformer and endless runner.

LazerLock by TeamDromedare is a team based battle arena game where two teams battle eachother with shrinking rays.

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