Workshop: A Practical Guide to Game Localization

Interested in Game Localization? Attend Bartosz Lewandowski & Brjann Sigurgeirsson’s workshop on May 12! 

Workshop Description

The workshop will focus on understanding the intricacies of games localization and its importance in boosting sales in various territories. We will show the perspectives of both the localization team and the developers’ team (this part will be covered by Brjann Sigurgeirsson, CEO at Image &Form). We will present you with rich data on how different game types and genres sell in various locations depending on their localization effort, how this effort can boost your company’s perception on the market and how to avoid certain traps in the localization process.

The second part of the workshop will be devoted to practical exercises: tags, placeholders, and dialogue structuring.

Workshop Requirements

Bring your Laptop if you can. There needs to be one laptop for every two attendees.

Date: May 12, 2017

Time: 13.00-17.00

Place: Lindholmen Science Park, Gothenburg, Sweden

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