Book your SGC meetings with GC Insider!

Gothenburg, Sweden (October 10, 2018) – want to change the way people in the game industry meet and now they are taking their first step by bringing you the pilot of GC Insider to SGC this year.

Heard about before? No?
It might just be the next big thing for staying connected during game conferences – and afterwards as well!

Firstly, is a map listing game companies worldwide and now it will be possible to chat with each other with their brand new mobile app.

Secondly, in terms of matchmaking, the upcoming app will also feature a filter system based on your interests in order to book more effective meetings

“The idea is to help indies, game studios, publishers, investors and game organisations to find useful connections and collaborate with each other” says Benjamin Lillandt, CEO of
“Today it’s hard to know which game conference to attend and see who is attending. We are here to fix that.”

Not only will game industry professionals have a place to interact with game companies in a completely new way, but indies will also benefit from this.
There is an ongoing trend where game studios and indies are “hanging out on Twitter”,  posting tweets about their development and upcoming titles with other developers.

“Game developers will finally get their own network where they can be heard” continues Benjamin.

The chat app is currently in the pilot phase and is open only to Sweden Game Conference attendees and partners, but Benjamin says that the GC Insider app will include several other game conferences next year.

Make sure to stay tuned for that by signing up here!

Sign up

If you’re attending Sweden Game Conference, you will get an email on the 10th of October with a signup link to claim your profile and start booking meetings. If you haven’t received a link on that day, sign up on the link above and we will make sure to include you.
Do note, more attendees are expected to join in on the 11th of October but make sure you book your meetings as soon as possible to get the best opportunities!