Press release: Throw cows and solve puzzles in Hyss

Skövde, Sweden – Sunscale Studios releases their first game “Hyss” today on Steam!

Angry fairies, a kidnapped herd of cows and a devastated cow queen.
Use your head and solve tricky puzzles to save the missing cows, with the help of your fearless (and adorable) cow knight companion. Throw her to places you can’t reach or lead her to where you need an extra hoof; she will assist you in any way she can to save her kidnapped cow friends!

Hyss is a lighthearted and bright puzzle adventure where you control two characters, Vilde and Grusa. Carry Vilde on Grusa’s shoulders or switch between the two to carry out different tasks and solve the puzzles. Set in an enchanting Swedish forest, Hyss is a treat for both the eye and the ear as well as a tricky challenge for the puzzle enthusiast.

“Hyss targets a more casual audience, and is a good choice for parents who want a safe, yet tricky, game to play with their kids, or for the puzzle enthusiast that wants a new challenge with a different twist. Or for the ones that just want to throw some cows!” – Rebecca Romin, CEO of Sunscale Studios

The game can be bought on Steam where you can also find trailers and screenshots.
Please visit the store page for more info.

About Sunscale Studios

Sunscale Studios is an indie studio consisting of five developers located in Skövde, Sweden.
Founded in 2018, Hyss is their first commercial release.