Rami Ismail and Mike Sellers now on the SGC Vault!

It’s Vault time again! We added two more talks on the SGC Vault! Stay tuned for more, next week – and we did mention that we have some super exciting exclusive content, too!


Creative Direction, Business Cases & Honest Feedback – Rami Ismail 

Brutal honesty from Rami Ismail for the students of University of Skövde as well as the large local game developer community. An insightful talk on fun, motivation, scoping, team size, game pitching and pretty much every important question one needs to consider when embarking on creating a commercial title!


A Systemic Approach to Systemic Design – Mike Sellers 

Systemic design is for many game designers like water to fish: we swim in it daily, but we have a difficult time articulating exactly what it is. Mike Seller’s talk provides useful, practical definitions of important concepts like systems, emergence, and interactivity, as well as a cohesive framework for creating systems and systemic effects in game and AI design.


What is your favorite talk, and why? We are looking forward for your feedback!