Random Access murder winner at NGJ2016

A total of 27 students and indie developers bundled together on a trip sponsored by Sweden Game Arena to go to Nordic Game Jam, the largest game jam in the world. The trip was arranged to help them network with other indie developers, talk to people in the industry, learn new skills and have a really fun weekend with good jamming.

“Last year, we managed to get an impressive two games in the top ten at Nordic Game Jam, and we’re hoping to at least match that again this year”, said Neophos Frenander before the trip.

He would not be disappointed.

While no one missed out on networking with amazing people, learning about new tools and technologies from lecturers from all around the world and having a great time, some had it better than others.

“One group of developers from among us managed to get hold of a prestigious award: the People’s Choice for Best Game of Nordic Game Jam 2016”, says Frenander.

Wilhem Nylund, Philip Örum Westre, David Norberg, Andreas Jörgensen, Karl Flodin and Joel Nyström teamed up and developed Random Access Murder which was choosen best game.

Download and play the winning game


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