Second day of #SGC15 had a lot to offer

Second day of Sweden Game Conference had a lot to offer the attendees, marketing and international markets, publishing and distribution, research, virtual reality and Microsoft Game Camp. And of course an open house for testing some 20 games in the conference exhibition.

Some of the highlights of the day was initiate talks about “Targeting the Chinese mobile game market” and “The Indian Games Market: The last bastion for the Games Industry”.

– Those talks were very interesting in terms of knowledge of genres and platforms to aim for and solutions for payment. And of course insights about the exceptional growth of these markets, says Magnus Ling, spokesperson at Sweden Game Arena.

In the afternoon Tommy Palm, from Resolution Games, gave an awaited talk about Virtual reality as gaming platform.

– This time VR will hit the market for real. And it will not only be in games, I think VR will be used for movies, medical, education, social and for creation. Though there are things to solve, one is marketing and PR since you have to experience VR to understand, Palm said.

In the research track the participants learned about games in cultural heritage and museum spaces, audio driven game design and how to increase use of game technics and tracking applications to enhance experiences at the museum.

Photo credits: Sebastian Bularca