Six new games created at NGJ Warm up

A total of 16 participants, spread over six different groups, gathered to make games during last weekend. – The theme of the game jam was a randomly generated word with heavy connotations, which is a great way to get people ready to jam together just about anything. The theme this time was the word “Society”, says Neophos Frenander, responsible for the game jam on behalf of Sweden Game Arena.

Three of the games created were digital, while three were analog.

– The way the game handled the themes differed, but were almost all the same on one point – Societies fight each other for survival or the individual for survival.

This event was a pre-event for the upcoming Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 8-10.
– There are 28 developers and students from Skövde traveling to Nordic Game Jam to compete. Last year, we managed to get an impressive two games in the top ten at Nordic Game Jam 2015, and we’re hoping to at least match that again this year, says Frenander.

The digital games are playable on

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