Speaker Submissions for Sweden Game Conference 2018 are now open!

The search for speakers for Sweden Game Conference 2018 has started.
We want to connect with speakers from around the world who can present inspiring and fascinating topics related to this year’s theme – Games & Politics: Reflections on power, play & changing perspectives.

Increasingly games and politics intersect within contemporary culture. Together they are topics for discussion and debate across a number of sectors and within diverse communities: within education, development, entertainment, and as drivers for activism and social change.

At Sweden Game Conference 2018, we reflect on how games can influence political perspectives, and vice versa:

  • What role do games play in the current political climate?
  • How are contemporary social issues like immigration, the environment or diversity represented in games?
  • In what way have indie games changed the kind of topics games can tackle?


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These are the Submission Guidelines for Sweden Game Conference 2018.

  • IMPORTANT DATES: The deadline for submissions is 15 June, 2018. Authors of submissions will be notified continously.
  • ORIGINAL AUTHORS: All presentations must be submitted and delivered in-person by individuals and by the original authors of the presentation.
  • ADVERTISEMENT: We do not accept presentations that primarily or to a considerable extent provide advertisement for commercial products or services.
  • PREPARATIONS: Before considering a submission, please review information about Sweden Game Arena and about Sweden Game Conference, including the conference theme for 2018. SGA main website: http://www.swedengamearena.com. SGC (Conference) information: http://swedengamearena.com/conference. You must prepare and submit an Abstract and a CV (see more information below).
  • ABSTRACT: The Abstract (max. 500 words; PDF or MS Word format) must cover the key points of the presentation as well as “Takeaways” for the audience. Note that the content of the presentation as delivered at the conference must be the same as the content provided in the Abstract as submitted, unless otherwise approved by the conference.
  • CV: The attached Curriculum Vitae must highlight relevant background and experience (including specific experience related to the topic of the Abstract and public speaking experience). You are encouraged to include links to external information (e.g. websites, portfolio, twitter feed, etc.) that sheds further light on your background and experience.
  • PRESENTATION FORMATS: Presentations may be short or long. Short presentations are 20 min long plus Q&A, and long presentations are 40 min plus Q&A. If, instead, you have proposals for a panel, please contact the conference directly.
  • SLIDES: All presentations must include slides in Power Point or other format. These do not need to be submitted at this time but should be prepared well in advance. SGC reserves the right to request a copy of the presentation slides as part of its assessment of the submitted talk. Speakers should also be prepared to provide, on request, a copy of such slides one month prior to the beginning of the conference (i.e., on 17 September, 2018).
  • EXPENSES: Each accepted speaker will be provided with the following (free of charge):
    • Full Conference Pass
    • Travel and accommodation in Skövde during the conference (including breakfast)
    • Lunches during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
    • Ticket to the Award Dinner.

      In certain cases, other expenses, may also be considered and provided, however funds for such expenses are limited.

  • QUESTIONS? If you have questions that are not addressed in these instructions, please contact us through email at sgc.iit@his.se.



The submitted presentations will be evaluated on the basis of the following two overarching criteria:

  • RELEVANCE: How well does the presentation fit with the contents and approach of Sweden Game Conference, including its theme for 2018? How pertinent and interesting do we expect the talk to be to those attending the conference?
  • QUALITY & CREATIVITY: What depth and/or breadth does the presentation provide? To what extent does it shed new light or insights on the topics? Based on the speaker’s credentials and experience, how well equipped is she/he to deliver an interesting and informative talk?


Note: In its final decision, the conference will also consider the overall diversity of contents and of speakers.