A summary of Sweden Game Festival 2017!

The annual Sweden Game Festival that took place in Skövde on October 21st was a great success!

Over 3000 people gathered at Arena Skövde to play locally produced games, as well as games showcased by our international exhibitor guests. The Festival included a Cosplay competition, the IndieCator Public Choice Awards as well as an eSports tournament. The games available to play ranged from classic PC adventures to collaborative VR experiences and the expo floor also hosted an Artist Alley and several other larger companies, such as MSI, Coffee Stain and Star Stable. This was the third and biggest Sweden Game Festival so far.

Sweden Game Festival Cosplay Competition Awards

Cosplayers were invited to join Sweden Game Festival as their favorite video game characters! The jury was formed of Elvina Ejstes – Grimalkin Cosplay, Ellinor Vinghammar – Bubblefish Cosplay, Pauline Engdahl – Crofteria Cosplay and Erik Wikström. Four prizes were handed, as follows:

  • Best Cosplay – Grand prize and winner of 2000 SEK: Chia Chin Tsou as Pokemon Go Player from Pokemon Go
  • Best Craftsmanship – Joel Lundén as Fred from Battle of the Bay
  • Best Stage Presence – Tuva Migova as Poloma from Battlerite
  • People’s Choice – Tuva Migova as Poloma from Battlerite

Sweden Game Festival IndieCator Public Choice Awards

This year’s Sweden Game activities hosted 10 independent teams showcasing in the IndieCator corner, two of which with VR games. The teams were from Sweden, Norway, Spain, France and Romania. The public was able to vote for their favorite game, and the team won a complimentary prize pack from Stunlock as well as a cash prize of SEK 5000.

With a majority of votes, the team that won was the Swedish Loophole Interactive with King of the Couch: Zoovival.

King of the Couch: Zoovival is a 2D platform brawler for 2-4 players that will have you swinging across shark-infested waters while dodging mind-control rays. Don the cape of a construction worker, the unsung hero of every day, load up with TNT, steel beams and oversized sledgehammers to claim the couch.

Sweden Game Festival eSports Tournament

During Sweden Game Festival and with the extraordinary help of Stunlock, two eSport tournaments took place: Smash and Battlerite.

For the Smash tournament we had 25 competitors among which two very special guests: Z0ler, the 3rd best ranked player in Gothenburg, and Daydee, the 2nd best ranked player in Stockholm. However, the winner was Humpe from Gothenburg, who finished an intense day of competition with a 3-0 win over Z0ler!

The Battlerite tournament was run by Marvelicious E-Sport Skövde in collaboration with the game’s very own developers, Stunlock Studios, who hosted the activities at their Festival booth. 8 teams fought it out and the finals on stage gave some intense matches! In the end, the winners were William and Fredrik – congratulations!