Sweden Game Conference 2019 IndieCator™ submissions now open!



The IndieCator is a space in the expo area at Sweden Game Conference, specially dedicated to independent game developers from all over the world. Accepted teams get a cost friendly offer containing an expo slot as well as two full passes and access to all events and parties scheduled for Sweden Game Conference 2019!

To be eligible to be part of the IndieCator you/your team must:

  • be independent (self owned)

  • not have a publisher for your game.

Standard offer:

  • Single sided table (180 x 70 cm)

  • 2 chairs

  • Space for 1 roll up

  • 1 electrical outlet

  • Slow wifi

  • 2 conference passes

  • Lunches

  • Friday after Party

  • Access to cheapest accommodation in town (max 2 beds)

Cost: 1000 SEK

Please note that you will have to bring your own hardware and to secure your travel and lodging in Skövde throughout the event. We offer access to the cheapest accommodation in Skövde for IndieCator companies at the city hostel, 15min walking distance from the conference venue.

If you are accepted, you also commit to showcase throughout all the time during which the event is open, including the Festival that takes place on October 19 and draws a few thousand visitors.