Joining us at Sweden Game Pitch

Sweden Game Arena invites Swedish startups to this summers digital game pitch event, Sweden Game Pitch. Through the digital matchmaking platform MeetToMatch, startup game companies can meet important investors and publishers within the games industry on June 17.

Below are some of the Swedish startups and international investors and publishers that has already registered for the event.

If you’re interested in participating in the event, read more and register.

Amongst the publishers and investors, we find:

  • Braavo Capital
  • gamigo group
  • Skystone Games
  • Those Awesome Guys
  • Another Indie
  • HandyGames
  • Utomik
  • BoomBit
  • Cheetah Mobile
  • Sega
  • PQube
  • NExT Studios (Tencent subsidiary)
  • 101XP
  • Humble Bundle
  • Smilegate
  • Tencent Games
  • com
  • Tilting Point
  • Miniclip

Amongst the startups that will participate in the event, we find:


FRAME BREAK is made up of three game development graduates from Skövde University. We united to make games that break the mold. We aim to make games for both core gamers and new audiences.

Farmech is a farming/survival hybrid that puts you on an alien planet with nothing but a packet of seeds, your wits, and a 2-ton tractor mech to build your farm and protect it from the alien wildlife.

Read more about us, here.


Wishfully is a game studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our long-term vision is to build a studio known for its creative technology, dazzling animations, and ambitious stories.


Planet of Lana
Planet of Lana is a cinematic puzzle-adventure where you play a young child, determined to out-think an entire planet. Beside the obvious terrors of cold-hearted machines and giant monsters, the planet itself is full of enigmatic and vast ecosystems. Lana will need to navigate deserts, taigas, mountains, and seas with no one except her tiny, canine-like friend Mui by her side.

Read more about us, here.


Angry Demon

Angry Demon Studio is an indie game company with 5 members. We love to develop intriguing adventure-filled games with horror and action.

Game: Gori: Cuddly Carnage
Are you ready for hoverboarding action with lots of blood, creepy characters, dismemberment, toys, glitter, fur and adorable cuteness? Then Gori: Cuddly Carnage is perfect for you!

Watch the trailer, here.

Read more about us, here.


Impact Unified

We are a very energetic team making innovative games, often with a physics twist. Our background is broad, ranging from physics, mathematics through game design and development to film directing and architecture, but we all love to make and play games. Our studio is based in Sweden and founded by three brothers and an uncle. Our mission is to make engaging mobile games and AR/VR games, often with a social impact.

Umpire’s Call
A casual f2p mobile game for the 2.5B cricket fans in the world. In this game you are the umpire in cricket matches instead of being one of the players. You need to make correct LBW decisions and continue your streak of correct decisions. Level up your character to achieve new skills. Compete with your friends on the leaderboard and through challenges and your umpire stats.

Watch the trailer, here.

Read more about us, here.


Pathos Interactive

Game development company headquartered in Gothenburg and founded in 2015. Part of Sweden Game Arena and The Game Incubator. Creates strategy/management games for PC and console.

Hotel Architect
Casual-midcore management game for PC and console. Colorful, family friendly 3D artstyle with top-down view. Campaign and sandbox mode.

Read more about us, here.



We are an independent video game developer based in Northern Sweden.

Rust Racers
A massively multiplayer vehicle arena brawler set in a dystopian corpocracy.

Read more about us, here.



P1aydate aims to be the worlds first mobile platform with real games designed for dating.

Read more about us, here.


Bazooka Game Studios

Bazooka was founded in February 2020. A one-man company looking to develop into an indie studio with a tight, strong team and a friendly atmosphere. Hopefully by using Ice Trap as a stepping stone.

Ice Trap
Ice Trap is a chilled out physics puzzle game for iOS and Android about breaking ice and saving guinea pigs. Tap to crush the ice blocks and let gravity do the rest. Currently in soft launch for iOS.

Read more about us, here.


Blamorama Games

Blamorama Games is a startup with the ambition to be global with several titles on diff. platforms, as well as apps & other related products. Our business will be centred around “environmental positivity” & our products will reflect that.

BUMI: Next Stop, Earth!
BUMI is a mobile game that combines gamification with interactive features focused on creating environmentally conscious players and a global community to share ideas, solve environmental problems and be inspired to new innovations.

Watch the trailer, here.

Read more about us, here.


Overflow Games

We’re currently a team of two passionate guys from Sweden, but we want to expand to four. We have been making games professionally for 8 years, and have six games on Steam.

Play as the survivors of a Lovecraftian apocalypse, where resources are scarce and horrors abundant. It’s a gothic, Lovecraftian, Top-down shooter. Rogue lite: character permadeath, Talent trees and procedural world. Persistent base, resource management (Think this war of mine) Made with unity. Estimated production time for 18 months. Inspired by games like Bloodborne, Darkwood and This war of mine.

Watch the trailer, here.

Read more about us, here.



A tech and games company working on an engine specialized on creating high fidelity retro games. Together with the engine we’re creating the adventure roleplaying game Farkeep.

The latest epic adventure role-playing game within the retro scene. Inspired by the adventuring of Zelda, character progression of Skyrim and the charm of Undertale.

Read more about us, here.


Nine Lives Game Studio

A team of seven happy game enthusiasts from Karlstad, Sweden.

Vaermfolk is a creepy co-op escape room experience infused with Swedish folklore. You play as one of the children inspecting the mystery of your missing father Benjamin, his legacy is now left with you: your childhood home. Unravel the dormant mysteries inside your father’s home, solve the puzzles and survive the treacherous acts the house may force upon you.

Read more about us, here.


House of How Games

House of How is an independent game studio founded in 2016, a mix of industry vets and college hires, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Voxelcrawl is a a pure roguelike Dungeoncrawler with amazing voxel art. Strong focus on solid gameplay mechanics, and replayability.

Read more about us, here.


WarCry Interactive

Makers of historical strategy games.

Game Dev Legend
An in-depth and historically accurate business simulator depicting the early game industry.

Read more about us, here.



We’re makers of innovative casual games you never seen before, and our main strategy in short is to frequently launch unique games on several platforms. – Gumslinger (2020 Mobile)
– Rest in Pieces (2019 Mobile/Switch)
– Pebble Universe (2012/2019 Mobile)
– WordClue (2018 Mobile)
– AZ Rockets (2018 Mobile)
– Pukk (2017 Mobile)
– 99 Rockets (2015 Mobile)

A new and unique take on PvP (PvPb) and tournament games. Duel other players and become the greatest in this entertaining and beautifully polished game. 64 players are matched against each other based on their skill. The actual duels you play are against the other players mimicking bots. These bots have the same reaction, aim and skill level as their owners. As always with our games, the mechanics are unique but still easy to get a grip of. The characters are a kind of gummy bears with soft body movements you have never seen in a mobile game before!

Watch the trailer, here

Read more about us, here.



Sutur is an XR game studio established in 2019. The studio have one full time developer. Together with collaborators we are building Descent Alps which will be the first release from the studio.

Descent Alps
Descent Alps is a skiing game that generates courses from music. The game focuses on traversal of the environment and at the core is fun and rewarding locomotion purely built on motion control. The game is accessible to people novice to VR as well as non-gamers while providing layers of depth and replayability for the dedicated player. The old dogma of easy to learn hard to master is a good description of Descent Alps.

Watch the trailer, here.

Read more about us, here.


Lost Ace Games

Lost Ace Games is a game studio based in Luleå, Sweden. Our goal is to develop games with innovative gameplay for a wide market.

Secret Maze
Secret Maze is an explorative mobile game with tilt controls. The player explores interconnected rooms and collects hidden souvenirs in a relaxing generated environment.

Read more about us, here.


Caspian Interactive

Indie game team with two passionate members.

Usurper is a Roguelike Action-RPG where you are trapped in a bizarre dimension without a physical body and must possess your enemies to fight your way back to the physical realm.

Watch the trailer, here.

Read more about us, here.



I’m currently a solo independent developer based out of Spelkollektivet, Sweden. As my game nears completion and I start to engage with more business, I’ll create up a company soon.

The Chaos Insurgency
Half action-roguelike, half stealth game, half simulation, The Chaos Insurgency is 2D systems driven mayhem you can sneak through.

Watch the trailer, here.