University Researchers visiting India

Game dev researchers from the University of Skövde is travelling, lecturing and making connections in Asia through the project Game Hub Scandinavia.

This time, the destination was India, in addition to the visit to China earlier this fall, to meet with game developers, game educators and students.

Marcus Toftedahl, lecturer in Media Arts, Aestethics and Narration at the University of Skövde, started his visit at the Indian museum of Kolkata where he gave a lecture about different uses of games and the research going on in Skövde.

The interest was huge from museum visitors, artists and teachers alike when Marcus explained how computer games can be used to make museum visits more interesting. During the presentation he showed off several projects made in collaboration with Swedish museums as well, such as Jakten på den försvunna guldreserven (in Swedish) at The Fortress of Karlsborg.

Joined by Per Backlund, Associate Professor in Informatics at the University of Skövde, the delegation also went to Hyderabad. There they visited NASSCOM – Game Developer Conference, India’s largest game dev conference, and the International Institute of Information Technology to network with game developers and get connections within the research area of Serious Games.

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