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Sweden Game Arena has been providing opportunities not found anywhere else in the world, and enabling individuals and companies to develop in a way that allows the Swedish computer games industry to thrive.

So, let’s look at the different ways that you can be a part of Sweden Game Arena.


Do you want to start studying computer game development? Then apply for one of Europe’s largest computer game programs at the University of Skövde.


Do you want to research computer game development, with a close connection to the gaming industry? Then the University of Skövde may be something for you.

Start a company

Do you have a really good idea for a game, or have you always dreamed of starting your own game company? Then apply to The Game Incubator, which is located in both Skövde and Gothenburg.

Get a job

Do you want to get a job at one of the game studios within Sweden Game Arena's community? See what kind of jobs that's available right now.


Do you already have an established game company, but want to be part of something bigger that also contributes to the Swedish games industry? Then Sweden Game Arena and its community might be something for you.

Sweden Game Conference Digital 21-23 October 2020

Join us this year, as Sweden Game Conference goes digital with interesting and important talks, panels and workshops for Swedish students and startups.

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Sweden Game Arena offers individuals and companies an opportunity to develop through targeted community events as well as visualization and participation in the global games market.