UX Designer at Palindrome Interactive

As a UX Designer at Palindrome you will be working with the rest of the design-team to take gameplay mechanics from being an idea to a finalized feature.

You will have ownership over the user experience part of that process and work alongside other departments to merge their artistic vision with our design intention into an amazing finalized product.

You will be working with:

  • Concepting visual layouts of game mechanics and user interfaces from both an interactive and reactive design methodology.
  • Prototyping and implementing features in engine.
  • Communicating both artistic and sound direction through UX in collaboration with our Art and Sound department.
  • Analyzing internal and external feedback on game mechanics' user experience and develop iterations from a user experience-oriented perspective.


  • 2+ years of experience working with user experience.
  • A strong understanding and passion of user experience design, visual language, user interfaces and information design.
  • Experience with technical implementation of features related to user experience and interface in engine.
  • Strong skills with concept design, using graphical software such as Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Good understanding of the English language.


  • Previously shipped titles.
  • Experience working with Unreal Engine.
  • Experience with concept or UI art.
  • Experience with sound design.