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Our business coaches have more than 40 years of experience within games combined, and will support you along the way when you create a sustainable game company.

Just ask our alumni companies, the creators behind global smash hits such as Valheim, Goat Simulator and V Rising.

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Why should I apply?

Business development

You're the expert of your own idea. We are here to help you with the business side of things such as sharpen your pitch to investors and publishers, and identify possible opportunities going forward. Long story short, together we develop your idea into a company.

Strong community

Sweden Game Arena has a strong and tight-knit community of professional and aspiring game developers, which you will be a part of when you join the startup program. Sweden Game Arena organize both social and professional events for the game community.

Network with capital

Sweden Game Startup has a big network of both national and international publishers and investors for you to meet at global events such as Game Developers Conference and Gamescom or at our own events, such as Sweden Game Pitch and Sweden Game Conference.

Join from all over Sweden

You can join our startup program from all over Sweden. If you don't live in Skövde or Gothenburg, where we offer office space, you can join the program online.

How does it work?

The startup program is built in two phases, which contains business development workshops and lectures. To be able to enter the second phase, you have to start a company (LLC).

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What do I get when I join Sweden Game Startup?

You will receive support in business development and tools to build your company. In addition, you'll get a personal coach providing individual mentoring, access to vital networks and contacts, workshops, lectures, and events. You'll also have the opportunity to receive verification funds for activities such as market initiatives and external expertise in legal and intellectual property matters. Office space is included as well. Most importantly, you'll become part of an exciting community and meet others who are in the same situation as you. There’s a lot to learn from each other.

Does it cost anything to join Sweden Game Startup?

Yes, there is a one-time startup fee of SEK 1,000 (including VAT). Additionally, there is a small fee that covers our services, based on the size of your team and whether you wish to have office space in our environment. This cost is billed monthly and starts at SEK 1,200. The price is significantly subsidized for startups that are not yet profitable.

How long does the startup program last?

The first part of the program lasts 6-8 months. After this period, we will assess if you can continue. If you proceed, the second part of the program lasts about 24-36 months, depending on how you and your company develop.

How much time do I need to commit?

Building a sustainable company takes time. Expect to spend around 20 hours per week. This may vary, becoming more or less depending on the period. We aim to make the startup program compatible with work and studies, and many teams in the program manage to balance these commitments. Once you are accepted, you will be informed well in advance about mandatory activities so you can plan accordingly.

How do I know my idea is safe with you?

Everyone at Science Park Skövde AB who will work with you and your idea has signed a confidentiality agreement. You can be assured that your information, idea, and company details will remain confidential within Science Park Skövde AB until you choose to make them public.

Will you help me develop my product?

No, you are responsible for product development. We support you with business development and provide you with the tools to bring your product to market.

I have an idea, but I’m a solo entrepreneur. Can you help me form a team?

No, we do not form teams. However, we collaborate with partners like Drivhuset Skaraborg who can help match students with our startups. We recommend having a team of at least two people when applying to our program, although it is not a requirement initially. We do see that your chances of success increase with a diverse team.

Do I have to start a company to join the program?

Yes, we can only support you if you establish a company (limited liability company) in Sweden.

Do you take equity in the startups you support?

No, we do not take equity.

I have just applied to Sweden Game Startup. When can I expect a response?

Our goal is to respond within a few weeks. During holiday periods, it may take a bit longer. We ensure that all applicants receive a response, regardless of whether they are accepted into the program.

About Sweden Game Startup

Sweden Game Startup is a one-of-a-kind startup program within games, that can't be found anywhere else in Sweden. It's a non-profit organization, that has helped more than 100 game companies with business development.

You're the expert of your own idea. Our experienced business coaches are here to help you with the business side of things, such as sharpen your pitch to investors and publishers, and identify possible opportunities going forward. Long story short, together we develop your idea into a sustainable game company.

Business coaches

Our business coaches have many years of experience running their own game companies, conducting research, and coaching businesses.

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