Award winning studio announces Dungeon Dogs

PocApp Studios are now announcing that they are working on a new title: Dungeon Dogs. Since their success of Castle Cats, they are moving to new territory in the form of dogs while they still deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

PocApp Studios has been a part of Sweden Game Arena since the founders studied at the University of Skövde. Since then, they have developed multiple mobile games, for example the succesful game Castle Cats with over five million downloads all over the world.

Dungeon Dogs is a mobile Idle RPG game that will be released on iOS and Android devices and utilizes the operating system's various features to add depth and enrich the gaming experience further.

The game expands on Castle Cat's award-winning success and gives you proven gameplay mechanics in a completely new environment. With a brand new wonderful story and a whole collection of dog-inspired heroes, Dungeon Dogs aims to capture the hearts of players and dog lovers from the age of 13.

– It’s really fun to work with a new title and see it take shape from idea to final product. The whole team has worked very hard with our vision and it shows in the quality. The idea for Dungeon Dogs first came as a joke, which we later decided that we wanted to work on. This time, we also wanted to show a bunch of different kinds of heroes than you might be used to in Castle Cats, says Dilaram Massimova, CEO PocApp Studios.

The date of which Dungeon Dogs will be released is coming soon. It will be released on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon.

For more information, contact or follow PocApp Studios on social media:

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