From Flash Games to Planet of Lana

With almost no knowledge about the gaming industry, Adam Stjärnljus and his partner Maria Brunsson started a remarkable journey in the fall of 2018. Starting and running multiple companies in his life had undoubtedly been helpful to Adam, as had his expertise in Motion Graphics and his international freelance work with commercials and TV intros. However, it was perhaps his passion for computer games and Adam's constant search for that one game project to invest in, that led him to where he stands today.

"After many years as a freelance Motion Graphics artist," Adam reminisces, "my true passion had always been making games. It's been that way since I was little and created numerous Flash games."

Inspired by an idea that had ignited a year earlier, Adam set out to bring this game to life and together with Maria, they laid the foundation for the studio in the fall of 2018. However, they quickly realized that they needed assistance and guidance to navigate the complex landscape of game development.

Turning to Google in search of support, they discovered The Game Incubator, now known as Sweden Game Startup, at Science Park Skövde. Their journey took an auspicious turn when their idea for Planet of Lana was accepted into the incubator program. This newfound opportunity opened doors to valuable contacts, industry insights, and the necessary resources for success. Participating in the Sweden Game Conference allowed them to pitch their game idea to publishers, further solidifying their determination to turn their dream into a reality.

"Science Park Skövde's startup program has been absolutely invaluable for us. It provided us with valuable contacts, insights, and industry experience. It has been absolutely fantastic”.

While external support played an important role, Wishfully Studios success is also rooted in Adam’s creative network. Drawing from his encounters with skilled individuals throughout his career, Adam reached out and invited them to join the project. Collaborating with the owners of another game studio in Gothenburg, Fully Studios, the team rapidly grew in size and synergy. Thus, in 2019, Wishfully Studios was born.

Today, Wishfully Studios boasts a team of twelve dedicated individuals, with most based in Gothenburg and a few working remotely from Skövde and even as far as Sydney, Australia. The culmination of their efforts arrived on May 23, 2023, with the release of Planet of Lana. The game, nurtured through an exclusivity deal with Xbox and a publisher agreement with Thunderful Games, has received praise from critics and gamers alike. The journey to its completion was far from straightforward, yet, these trials only served to fuel Adam's passion for game development, igniting a re-lentless drive to continue pushing boundaries and creating even better games in the future.

"Planet of Lana is an incredibly ambitious project that we managed to bring to fruition. Despite the challenges we faced, we are eager to sit down and reflect on what went well and what could have been better during this journey. Although I can't disclose details, we are highly motivated to continue developing the studio, evolving as a team, and creating even better games together."

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