Founder behind a multimillion-dollar success story is now investing five million SEK in female game entrepreneur

Ellen Mellåker, one of the founders of Redbeet Interactive, the developers behind the worldwide success Raft, is now reinvesting in the games industry to support more women on their entrepreneurial journeys. She has chosen to invest five million SEK in Aurora Arts, led by Tilla Segerstedt.

"I'm searching for individuals and female entrepreneurs whom I can support on the journey I undertook with Redbeet Interactive. I focus more on people's drive than on projects," says Ellen Mellåker.

The Sweden Game Startup program continues to produce interesting companies that attract investors' attention. Next in line is Aurora Arts, based in Skövde, which has secured a new investment of nearly six million SEK. Previously, the local venture capital firm Skaraborg Invest invested over two million SEK in Aurora Arts in 2023, with additional follow-up investments in 2024. Now, Ellen Mellåker, through her company Ellaria Invest, steps in with five million SEK as a new investor.

"Through the startup program's network of investors and publishers, Ellen and I got in touch. When I met Ellen, who has made this journey before and has experience as a business leader and game developer, we clicked instantly. She has a passion for entrepreneurship, and I believe we will make a strong team," says Tilla Segerstedt, founder, and CEO of Aurora Arts.

Creative and Supportive Environment

But let's step back for a moment. Tilla applied to Sweden Game Startup in the fall of 2022 with the goal of starting a game company. Two weeks later, she pitched her game, Fae & Fauna, at Sweden Game Conference in Skövde in front of an audience and a panel of investors and publishers.

"My coach encouraged me to dare to pitch during the conference, which I'm very glad I did. The panel gave me valuable feedback, and it was good practice," says Tilla.

She describes the year in the startup program as a whirlwind.

"To go from an idea to being an established company in just one year has been a major transition and an incredible experience. Being in a creative and supportive environment for startups and being part of a vibrant game community has been really cool. Many people have believed in us, especially the more established game companies here in Skövde who have given us tremendous help."

SGC 2023 85_s.jpg

Aurora Arts won the prize "Pitch of the Year" at Sweden Game Conference 2023.

Investing in Drive

After the success of Raft, Ellen wanted to reinvest in the industry to help game developers succeed in their entrepreneurial journey, just as she did a few years earlier. She co-founded Redbeet Interactive with two classmates during her studies on Gotland, and after moving to Skövde, the game success was a fact.

"Skövde welcomed us with open arms, and we have received support and assistance with, among other things, office space and skills development," says Ellen.

Several years later, she now chooses to invest in Aurora Arts, led by Tilla, as the first company to invest in.

"I'm looking for driven individuals to invest in, rather than projects. I was drawn to Tilla as an entrepreneur and her clear drive. My first impression when I met her was that she is very goal-oriented," says Ellen.

With the investments secured, the next step is clear for Tilla and Aurora Arts.

"With Ellen on board, the next step is to expand the team, which currently consists of five employees, and further develop the game with her expertise," says Tilla.

200 million SEK in Investments

Science Park Skövde, which among other things operates Sweden Game Startup, has an extensive network of investors and publishers in both digitalization and games. In total, the companies in the startup programs have secured investments of nearly 200 million SEK.

"There has been great interest in Aurora Arts from several investors, which is further evidence that we have attractive and high-quality companies in our process. It's about strong teams building interesting and innovative products, and attracting interest even beyond Sweden's borders," says Anna Emanuelsson, business coach responsible for financing and investment.


Anna Emanuelsson, Science Park Skövde.

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