Jenny aims to make Skövde’s gaming industry more sustainable


Science Park Skövde’s startup business has recently completed a strategic recruitment to work with gender equality, integration and sustainability for the company’s startup companies.

– It’s a clear signal and an assignment from our financiers that we formalize a structure for sustainability work with an impact on future products and services. I believe that we are the first among Sweden’s Science Parks to hire a person with a focus on sustainability and gender equality, says Kenneth Johansson, responsible for startup operations at Science Park Skövde AB.

Jenny Brusk has been recruited for the newly established position as Sustainability Manager. She will develop the structure and working methods for the sustainability goals in Agenda 2030, both internally and externally.

Important addition
Jenny currently works as a teacher and researcher in computer games at the University of Skövde. She has many years of experience in sustainability and gender equality and will work 50 percent for Science Park Skövde AB and 50 percent at the University of Skövde. She will start her new position at Science Park Skövde AB on September 1.

– Jenny, with her skills and experience, will be an important addition to our team in supporting talented individuals to start and develop companies. It’s also exciting that we can share Jenny’s time with the University, within the framework of our partnership. Together with our startup companies, we can run and continue to develop the fine work around DONNA that Jenny started for students at the University, says Kenneth Johansson.

New perspective
DONNA is about making gaming education and the gaming industry more equal and is an initiative Jenny started in 2011. She’s now looking forward to working with similar issues in a new environment.

– Many startup companies may not think in these perspectives, because for them the focus is on developing games. For the company to become sustainable in the long term, I think it’s very important to think in terms of gender equality, both in terms of employees and game content. In order to achieve equality, we may have to work unequally for some time, says Jenny Brusk.

DNA of our business
In the near future, many companies and organizations will have to change to a more sustainable approach, where the main question is in what way.

– The definition of sustainable development is a development that meets today’s needs without jeopardizing the opportunities of future generations, and the answer may not be straightforward and obvious. For us, it’s important that we do this with credibility and that we include it in the DNA of our business and therefore we are very happy to have Jenny in place who has incredible skills and experience, concludes Kenneth Johansson.

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