Lightyear Frontier lands today on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and via Game Pass

Lightyear Frontier, the open-world farming adventure from FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Studios, touches down in early access on Xbox Series X|S, PC and available via Game Pass today.

Blending mech-based gameplay with open-world farming exploration and featuring crafting, resource management, and base building, the game is available on Steam and the Xbox Store.

Lightyear Frontier takes the classic farming genre and introduces a new piece of machinery for players to use, their very own mech. Players can enjoy a combat-free experience, with mysteries to uncover and the ability to interact with the local environment, restoring the planet and saving it from pollution - all from within the comfort of their own farming Mech.

Working alone, or with up to three friends online, players must gather, grow and regenerate resources, craft structures, while using their mech to help them along their journey. Split up, work as a team, and assign each other different roles to manage their homestead, tend to wildlife, or start cleaning up the planet.

While cultivating their new home, Exofarmers will also uncover the ancient mysteries of the planet. Players must take care of their surroundings on this picturesque planet by planting trees, clearing the mysterious pollen, and removing the noxious sludge to create a sustainable exofarm.

"We are eagerly looking forward to finally releasing Lightyear Frontier after 4 years of development. We released the demo during Steam Next Fest in February, and the response we received exceeded our expectations entirely. We sincerely hope that this momentum continues leading up to the game's release", says Joakim Kopriva Hedström, CEO of FRAME BREAK.



FRAME BREAK is a small studio founded in 2020, based in Skövde, Sweden. The studio was founded in 2020 by Joakim Kopriva Hedström, Jack Lindgren and Cornelis Westin, during their time in the startup program Sweden Game Startup.

Part of Amplifier Studios, FRAME BREAK aims to create games that break the mould of pre-established game genres. FRAME BREAK is building a studio environment where everyone has creative input and can influence the game beyond their own disciplines.

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