More applicants than ever for this year's DONNA DAY

Gender equality in the games industry is an important issue, which not only shows in the number of applications to DONNA DAY. The event is arranged for the fifth year in a row in connection to Sweden Game Conference.

The DONNA network, founded at the University of Skövde, wants to make game education and the games industry more equal. The work will result in a culture and industry where women and men can participate and contribute on equal terms.

For the fifth year in a row, DONNA is organizing the DONNA DAY network event in conjunction with Sweden Game Conference, where both students and professionals in the games industry participate.

Overwhelming interest

This year's DONNA DAY is more popular than ever and has more than doubled the number of applicants from last year. With over 120 applications, 80 game development students and 20 mentors will be present over two days where DONNA DAY focuses on gender equality in the industry and challenges that awaits game development students as they enter the job market.

"We are overwhelmed by how much interest DONNA DAY generates. I think there are several reasons for this. We have a generous and attractive offer, we have several interesting mentors that support us and we have a good reputation through our former participants and mentors," says Jenny Brusk, founder of DONNA and Innovation Advisor and Business Coach at Science Park Skövde.

Jenny also believes that gender equality in the games industry is a highly important and current topic, where DONNA DAY is a sounding board for exchanging experiences, not least among students who are about to enter the job market.

Proud partners

This year, new partners have been added to DONNA. Among them are MindArk, DICE and CCP Games. Coffee Stain Studios and Star Stable Entertainment are already partners.

"We are so proud to partner with DONNA DAY for the fifth year in a row. At Star Stable Entertainment we strive to put females in focus at every touchpoint, across our 360 entertainment, to artists on our record label, to our employees (54 % whom currently identify as female). We share our core values with DONNA DAY and we are proud to support such a progressive and impactful event that aims to open the doors for more talented women into the gaming industry," says Ina Berntsson, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Star Stable Entertainment.

Jenny Brusk argues that DONNA DAY would not have happened without partners and mentors.

"Some have been involved from the very beginning, such as Coffee Stain Studios and Star Stable Entertainment. It’s great that DONNA has grown with additional strong partners, which makes it possible, among other things, to offer free participation for all students. We design the DONNA DAY program together with our mentors who do a fantastic job of equipping students for the future," says Jenny Brusk.

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