Nearly 150 in the Audience as Startups Pitched Their Latest Innovations

Science Park Skövde, together with Brewhouse Incubator, organized the spring pitch event at Surr Arena on Tuesday. Selected teams in gaming and digitalization pitched their latest projects to a panel and audience.

"It was fun to bring the event to Gothenburg for the first time, this time together with Brewhouse Incubator. More than 25 companies showcased their innovative and creative business ideas, resulting in positive and valuable feedback from the panel members," says Anna Emanuelsson from Science Park Skövde.

The pitch event began with presentations on digitalization from the startup programs at Science Park Skövde and Brewhouse Incubator. The panel included representatives from business angel networks and investment and venture capital firms. One of the panel members was Hanna Plymouth from IDA.

"Many engaged entrepreneurs with business ideas that have the potential to take off," says Hanna.

Sweden Game Pitch Returns

In the afternoon, it was time for the biggest pitch event in gaming, Sweden Game Pitch, which is held twice a year. Both projects and startups pitched, and the panel included veterans from the gaming industry, such as Daniel Ström from Thunderful, Bibbi Wikman from Aurora Punks, Alexander Milton from Bright Gambit, and Lars Håhus from Llama Lane.

"There was a great variety in the pitches, with some focusing on their game ideas and others more on their business," says Daniel Ström from Thunderful.

Daniel further mentions that investors are less willing to take risks today.

"It was easier to find funding during the pandemic compared to now. My tip is to focus more on building strong prototypes and vertical slices, so teams can actually prove that the product works. Show something that investors can actually play themselves," says Daniel.

One of those pitching during Sweden Game Pitch was Ellinor Bergman from Speldosa Interactive. They are part of Sweden Game Startup, and with their game Project Shoreline, they are seeking investors to continue working on upcoming games within the same series.

"It's easy to make new connections and talk to people during Sweden Game Pitch. We received good and valuable feedback from the panel."

She shares Daniel Ström's view that it is harder to attract investors today.

"The games industry is tough right now, but we know what we need to do to take the next step with a publisher for our game MURI: MonsterWash. That step will take time, which is why we have chosen to release several smaller titles along the way within the same world, which can also act as pre-production for the larger title planned for release in 2027," says Ellinor Bergman, CEO of Speldosa Interactive.

The next Sweden Game Pitch will be held during Sweden Game Conference on October 3rd in Skövde.


Ellinor Bergman.

Farewell to Exited Companies

During the day, several companies were also bid farewell as they exited the startup programs at Science Park Skövde. Among the gaming companies were Impact Unified, Mistwave Interactive, Far Out Games and Wishfully Studios, and among the digitalization companies were A1 Ingenjörer and Acerni.

"We wouldn't have made it without Sweden Game Startup and the coaches. We received verification support to attend fairs and conferences and connect with publishers and investors, and also received help with legal and financial issues, which has been valuable," says Daniel Nielsen from Far Out Games.


Far Out Games exiting Sweden Game Startup.

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