Sweden Game Arena x The Great Journey brings the next generation of games to Booth E6 at NGC24!

The game clusters Sweden Game Arena, based in Skövde and Gothenburg, is teaming up with The Great Journey, based in Karlstad, to bring brand new teams looking for funding at booth E6.

Sweden Game Arena

In the growing community within Sweden Game Arena, there are several successful game companies whose games top the global bestseller lists. Most of them have made a similar journey - from game students at the University of Skövde to starting their own companies through the startup program Sweden Game Startup. Together, the companies form a strong community, and the next big success is just around the corner.

We are bringing:

Speldosa Interactive is a team of 9 with a passion for games and a talent for creating cute and cozy ones. We’re looking for investors and publishers for our project MonsterWash - A cozy cleaning adventure for PC + Console.

IDUN Interactive is a small upcoming Stockholm-based game developer. We are currently finishing our first title IDUN, an accessible RTS with a fully simulated battlefield. We are looking for publishers, developers and investors for our next game, First War.

Moon Flame Games is a women-led company of five people, based in the middle of a forest in Sweden, works on the fantasy farming game Magical Harvest. We are looking for a publisher to finance the development of the game until its release on Steam and the Epic Store.


MonsterWash - A cozy cleaning adventure by Speldosa.

IDUN - Wake-Up Call.jpg

IDUN by IDUN Interactive.

MoonFlameGames_MagicalHarvest_TitleWallpaper 1960 x 1080.png

Magical Harvest by Moon Flame Games.

The Great Journey

The Great Journey is a game development cluster in Karlstad, supporting game studios in the region. We offer the Game Catapult program where we endorse your studio to get your game to market in 12 months. We also offer the accelerator program Fasttrack, where you get to work on your game full-time and receive CSN grants for 9 months, all while being coached by industry mentors as well as getting free office space for your studio.

We are bringing:

Forgebyte is an indie studio developing the cozy cat puzzle adventure game Rolling Fur. Looking for publisher.

Nine Lives is an indie studio developing the bird shooter Seagull – Crappy Situation. Looking for publisher.

Ancient Well Entertainment is an indie studio developing the third-person tower defense Defenders of the Fjord. Looking for publisher.

RollingFur (1).png

Rolling Fur by Forgebyte.


Seagull – Crappy Situation by Nine Lives.

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