Sweden Game Conference Returns This Fall – Developers Behind The Witcher Among the Speakers

Sweden Game Conference in Skövde is back from October 2-4, with an increased focus on strengthening the Swedish gaming industry from a national perspective. Sweden's largest pitch event for young game companies is also returning.

"Many game clusters around Sweden see Skövde and Sweden Game Arena taking the lead when it comes to games," says Marcus Toftedahl, business developer at Science Park Skövde and project manager for Level Up Swedish Games Industry.

Sweden Game Conference has evolved into Sweden's leading industry event within the indie and startup scene.

"Over three days, we want to include people who work with games at various experience levels, but who also hold leading positions that can contribute to industry development," says Tau Petersson, project manager for Sweden Game Conference.

Sweden Game Conference kicks off with an industry day, focusing on the challenges and opportunities within the industry. Key players in the gaming industry, politicians, and researchers are invited to the industry day.

"Game development is friendly to both startups and rural areas. It doesn't matter if you're in Skövde or Shanghai developing your game, you're still working towards a global market. We've been very successful in creating a local industry here in Skövde, and we are happy to share that knowledge to further strengthen Sweden as a game development nation," says Marcus Toftedahl.

Sweden's Largest Pitch Event Returns

The second day focuses on newly started game companies and the indie scene, which is strong in Skövde. It's no wonder many are looking in this direction, says Tau Petersson.

"Sweden Game Pitch has evolved into Sweden's largest pitch event, where both young and mature companies have the opportunity to showcase their latest games to investors and publishers. It's a valued activity that attracts many visitors and is incredibly valuable for those pitching," says Tau Petersson.

Developers Behind The Witcher on Site

On the final day of Sweden Game Conference, the spotlight is on future game developers, specifically game students. The University of Skövde has the largest game development program in Sweden, and many students are drawn to the conference. One of the speakers expected to attract a large audience is a developer from CD Projekt Red. The company is behind several AAA titles, including Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher, the latter of which has also been produced as a series on Netflix. Local companies with major games, such as V Rising and Lightyear Frontier, are also among the speakers.

"It is important for us to offer a good range of speakers that appeal to all types of developers within gaming, such as programmers and 3D artists," says Tau Petersson.

Tickets for Sweden Game Conference will be released in mid-August.

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