V Rising is coming to PlayStation 5 in 2024

Stunlock Studios, the creator behind V Rising, a vampire survival game, is preparing to make its debut on PlayStation 5 later this year. This announcement was part of Sony’s recent PlayStation State of Play broadcast.

This will mark V Rising and Stunlock Studios’ first step in expanding beyond PC into the world of consoles.

"It feels like just yesterday we started on our Vampire saga. Now, with gratitude towards our partners like Unity, Sony, Auroch Digital, and all our investors who have believed in us and our decisions, we stand on the brink of something big – V Rising on PS5", says Rickard Frisegård, CEO at Stunlock Studios, and continues:

"This journey has been anything but easy, but incredibly rewarding. I am grateful for every cheer, every supportive shout-out from our local hub and everyone in the industry. It's thanks to this combination of international collaboration and local support that we stand here today, ready to tackle PS5. It's a dream come true. But this is just the beginning, I promise – the best is yet to come. We have more surprises up our sleeves, and we can't wait to show everyone."

V Rising follows the successful model of Valheim, an early access survival game which sold three million copies within its first 18 months. Notably, its initial early access release took place in May 2022. Stunlock Studios and Iron Gate are two successful game companies that emerged from Science Park Skövde's startup program, and are both part of Sweden Game Arena.

"I also want to extend a warm thank you to Science Park Skövde and Sweden Game Arena for their unwavering support and encouragement. It has played a significant role in our journey", says Rickard.

A new dawn for vampiric games

In V Rising, players step into the shoes of a vampire struggling to regain their strength. They do this by creating a gothic base and leveraging their vampiric powers against adversaries. Uniquely, the game incorporates a day-night cycle, significantly impacting player vulnerability. This mechanic, along with world bosses, mounts, and a system for capturing thralls, sets V Rising apart in the survival genre.

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