Wishfully is now releasing Planet of Lana

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through a world teetering on the edge of disharmony. Swedish indie game studio, Wishfully, has just released their much-awaited and already acclaimed game, Planet of Lana. Dive into a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience that combines hand-painted art, innovative gameplay, and an epic sci-fi saga spanning centuries and galaxies.

In a world once characterized by perfect harmony between humans, nature, and animals, a new threat has emerged. After centuries of brewing discord, an army devoid of faces has arrived, shattering the balance that once defined this vibrant planet. However, this is not a tale of war; it is a tale of preserving beauty and embarking on a courageous journey to restore harmony.

Planet of Lana, a cinematic puzzle adventure, has captured the attention of gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Available for Xbox and PC users starting May 23, 2023, this game promises an immersive experience like no other. Players will join a young girl and her loyal companion on a daring rescue mission through a world brimming with cold machines and enigmatic creatures.

What sets Planet of Lana apart is its unique companion-based gameplay, where players must utilize the strengths and abilities of their trusty friend to overcome various challenges. Prepare to solve puzzles infused with diversity and unexpected twists, cleverly navigating perilous situations with stealth and wit. Your reflexes will be put to the test as you encounter exhilarating action sequences, all while unveiling an epic story that spans across galaxies and centuries.

As the release of Planet of Lana is finally here, gamers and enthusiasts alike eagerly want to embark on this extraordinary journey. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where beauty and balance teeter on the edge, and where the fate of a vibrant planet lies in your hands!

About Wishfully

The Swedish indie game studio behind this awe-inspiring creation, was established in 2018 with a vision to craft games that leave a lasting impact. Their dedication to breathtaking artwork, immersive storytelling, and innovative design shines through in Planet of Lana. As their debut title, this cinematic puzzle adventure showcases the studio's commitment to delivering an unforgettable gaming experience.

Wishfully is part of Sweden Game Arena and Science Park Skövde's game startup program Sweden Game Startup.

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